Assume the best but hire paranoid people.
— Evan Williams, CEO of Medium, co-founder of Twitter

The Speed Dial - An abbreviated set of articles for the reader who has limited time.

The manipulative tricks tech companies use to capture your attention - 17 min


How Two Brothers Turned Seven Lines of Code Into a $9.2 Billion Startup - 10 min


This Matrix Helps Growing Teams Make Great Decisions - 10 min



Continuous improvement—make good management every leader’s daily habit - 8 min


How Emotionally Intelligent People Handle Toxic People - 7 min



A stitch in time saves nine – QA’s role in quality software development - 5 min


Make Your Systems Diligent, Not Your People, Part II: How To Build Diligent Systems - 7 min



Driver Profiles: How Uber Engineering Celebrates Drivers - 6 min


“Why We Didn’t Use A Framework” (Case Study) - 9 min



Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? - 18 min


Inside Patreon, The Economic Engine Of Internet Culture - 14 min


You’d Have To Click A Mouse 10 Million Times To Burn One Calorie - 3 min


Want to Be Happy? Buy More Takeout and Hire a Maid, Study Suggests - 2 min


The U.S. Has More to Lose Than Russia in Spy Expulsions - 3 min


'Incredible shrinking airline seat': US court says seat size a safety issue - 2 min


What Does It Take to ‘Assimilate’ in America? - 6 min


In Ukraine, a radioactive nuclear ghost town near Chernobyl is a hot destination - 8 min


Appalachian English - 8 min


Africa has entered the space race, with Ghana’s first satellite now orbiting earth - 1 min



99% Invisible - Reversing the Grid - 30 min