The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.
— Michael Porter, Bishop William Lawrence University Professor at Harvard Business School

The Speed Dial - An abbreviated set of articles for the reader who has limited time.

Read This Before You Build Uber for X - 7 min


How Washington Made Harvey Worse - 6 min


This Email From Elon Musk To Tesla Employees Describes What Great Communication...- 3 min



Moving From Blame To Accountability - 13 min


The Problem With Saying “Don’t Bring Me Problems, Bring Me Solutions” - 4 min


On Being A Bad Manager - 5 min



Paying Taxes On Technical Debt - 3 min


Rapid release at massive scale - 6 min


How One Jira Ticket Made My Employer $1MM/Month: 7 Metrics that Actually Matter - 11 min



The Illusion of Speed - 10 min


Immutability: The Way To Remain Unchanged  - 5 min


Software Development 450 Words Per Minute - 7 min



How You Know - 3 min


The Adorkable Misogyny of The Big Bang Theory - 21 min


Ex-CIA Agent Raises $40M To Find Every 'Thing' On The Web In Just One Hour - 2 min


Where There’s Smoke, There’s a Conspiracy Theory at a Russian Consulate - 4 min


If Waffle House Is Closed, It’s Time To Panic - 7 min


Hacking Retail Gift Cards Remains Scarily Easy - 5  min


Marie Kondo and the Ruthless War on Stuff - 13 min


Harvey Has Made the World’s Most Important Chemical a Rare Commodity - 4 min


Why Does America Need the Cajun Navy? - 5 min


Myanmar: Who are the Rohingya Muslims? - 10 min


The Silicon Valley execs who don't eat for days: 'It's not dieting, it's biohacking' - 5 min


The Clear Logic of the Latest North Korean Test - 4 min