At the heart of this culture is an understanding that an organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive business advantage.
— Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric

The Speed Dial - An abbreviated set of articles for the reader who has limited time.

Humans Hate Being Spun: How to Practice Radical Honesty — from the Woman Who Defined Netflix’s Culture

Part of being an adult is being able to hear the truth. And the corollary is that you owe the adults you hire the truth. That is actually what they want most from you.


America is facing an epistemic crisis

What if Mueller proves his case and it doesn’t matter?


The pyramid of clarity

At Asana, we use the pyramid of clarity to get everyone aligned on the high-level purpose of the work and the concrete results we expect our work to produce.



The two questions I ask every interviewer

Most companies seem to be flying blind when it comes to their interview process. I've found that it's common for recruiters and hiring managers to not know what their processes are looking for, and almost no one is attempting to iterate on their interview processes.


The Best Companies Know How to Balance Strategy and Purpose

In retrospect, it seems inevitable. Nokia was so immersed in executing its strategy that it lost sight of its purpose. When Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone as “a leapfrog product that is way smarter than any mobile device has ever been, and super-easy to use,” Apple started “connecting people” at astounding new levels. Nokia’s purpose had been co-opted, making its myriad strengths irrelevant. The once-dominant Nokia soon lost much of its market cap and was eventually acquired by Microsoft.


The First Rule of Leadership

In some ways this may seem obvious, but very few managers are able to be themselves in business. For example, an excellent co-worker (we’ll call him Stan) gets his first promotion to manager, and everyone is excited. But once Stan becomes a manager, he stops being Stan and becomes “Manager Stan”—and magically transforms into a dick. He feels like he has to establish his authority, so he stops treating you like a person and starts treating you like someone he has to impress with his power. Nobody likes or follows “Manager Stan.”



The One Thing That Is Repeatedly Breaking Your CI/CD Workflow

The current widespread understanding of the CI/CD cycle adds a lot of automation to test-build-deploy stages, but it misses out on a critical step in a complete release cycle. In the following post we’ll understand why the CI/CD cycle doesn’t end after deployment, and why it’s important to add automation to your monitoring practices.


Improving the metaphor of technical debt

I find it’s often useful to change metaphor depending on the context: obviously you never want to mix them, that would be like crossing the streams. But, if you have an easily quantifiable decision, “technical debt” can be appropriate. If it’s less quantifiable, then “technical risk” is better. And if the problem is the “death by a thousand cuts” of cumulative small decisions, then “chains of development” is a handy metaphor as well!



Front-end Microservices at HelloFresh

A front-end microservice listens on one or more HTTP hooks (endpoints) and serves the page HTML and links to scoped CSS and JavaScript. The technology should be free to choose; there should be no external critical dependencies. This way we can serve React apps on one page, plain HTML on the other, and maybe a Vue app on another page.



Scientists Say They've Found Hidden Space In Great Pyramid Of Giza

Indeed, the team that made the find reports that it is the first significant internal structure found within the Great Pyramid since the 19th century.


For ISIS followers, terror by truck is now the default choice and the hardest to stop

While al-Qaeda’s Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on New York and Washington cost an estimated half-million dollars and involved dozens of operatives traveling across international borders, today’s typical attack involves a single, self-radicalized, homegrown actor and costs as little as $100 — and sometimes nothing at all


USS McCain collision ultimately caused by UI confusion

And in the case of the USS McCain, the accident was in part caused by an error made in switching which control console on the ship's bridge had steering control. While the report lays the blame on training, the user interface for the bridge's central navigation control systems certainly played a role.


Forms Matter

How the design of forms can decide an election, affect racial profiling and shape identity


After the end of the startup era

But there is no such revolution en route. The web has been occupied and colonized by big business; everyone already has a smartphone, and big companies dominate the App Store; and, most of all, today’s new technologies are complicated, expensive, and favor organizations that have huge amounts of scale and capital already.


Every NYT front page since 1852

The news is breaking.


For Troubadours Trapped in Servitude, a Murder Breaks the Bond

For hundreds of years, the folk musicians, known as Manganiyars, have been bound to perform for high-caste Hindus, absorbing discrimination and abuse and getting paid little for it. But the thoughtless killing of one of their own seems to have been the last straw.


The fax of life

The story of the fax machine’s dominant role in medicine is also the story of a government incentive program that badly misread the economics of American health care.


LA Looks To Rideshare To Build The Future Of Public Transit

Now, the sort of on-demand transit Uber, Lyft, and other ride-hailing companies have made so popular might finally make it to the masses—maybe even to those without smartphones or bank accounts. The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority just announced it’s looking for a friend to help it build an on-demand transit program, which would supplement the services the agency already runs.


Russian Army Gets Specialized Drone-Hunters

The jammer can disrupt an enemy's own signals, potentially preventing ground-based controllers from steering their drones via satellite.


Bin Salman and the end of Saudi's consensus rule

However, the heir to the throne's most ambitious move came late on Saturday when he fired senior ministers and had dozens of the country's richest men detained, ostensibly on the grounds of combatting corruption.